Jewelry Appraisals

What we offer

If you’re planning on selling your watches, diamonds, estate, vintage or antique jewelry, it is important to choose the right appraiser to ensure it is not under-valued. Our GIA educated on-site appraisers are expert in fine jewelry, gold, and gold coins and will take the utmost care in appraising the gold piece you are looking to sell or loan. In business for over 30 years, the professionals of PawnZone Jewelry & Loan are also experts at appraising collectibles, sports memorabilia, arts and watches.

We will take the utmost care in appraising your jewelry, offering you the opportunity to sell or take a loan out on it as you wish. As members of the CLSDA, we abide by strict regulations that protect our customers. Whatever the reasons for selling your jewelry, we believe it is your concern alone, and your privacy will always be respected.

When you bring your jewelry to one of PawnZone locations, it will not leave your sight throughout the appraisal process, unless and until you have sold it. Once you receive your appraisal and the price is agreed upon, you will receive your cash instantly for your jewelry.


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