Ready to Sell or Buy Gold?

Gold is always a cherished commodity. It has proven itself over the years as being an excellent hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty.

When you’re ready to diversify your investment portfolio and get a piece of something with evergreen value, look no further than gold or silver. Here’s what you should look for when determining where you want to acquire your precious metals.

Finding Gold for Cash Near Me

When it comes to finding the best deals on gold in exchange for your cash, you want to do some vetting. Your local cash for gold site should have a team of experts who have a high degree of experience delivering the best prices for all transactions.

In the Los Angeles area, Pawnzone has been taking care of locals for decades, giving them the best value for any piece of gold. Their AGL certified gemologists are able to identify the purity of any piece of gold so you can rest assured in knowing your piece is of the finest quality.

Selling Gold Near Me

Do you have some gold that you’re looking to sell? Our team’s expertise will help you get the best appraisal for every item you bring forth. When you come to one of Pawnzone’s many Los Angeles area locations, you can feel confident in knowing that you aren’t getting cheated.

We can quickly tell the age and correct value of any piece of gold or silver, giving you the best price possible. Pawnzone has a ton of satisfied customers who have gotten an amazing price for each precious metal they bring to us.

Have Gold Bullion for Sale?

There are many types of gold bullion from around the world. There is Canadian Maple Leaf, Austrian Philharmonic, Australian Kangaroo, South African Krugerrand, US American Eagle, and many others.

At Pawnzone, we accept a number of prized gold bullions and we can give you a great price for each one.

There is no doubt you will walk away a happy customer when we’re able to give you an outstanding price for your gold bullion.

Sell Silver in Los Angeles

Silver is gold’s best friend. At Pawnzone, we accept silver in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our experts will correctly appraise the value of each item and get you in and out the same day.

Silver can come in many forms like tableware, flatware, hollowware, and more. Pawnzone has seen all of these forms of silver and much more, and we are prepared to give you the best offer for your goods.

Selling Platinum?

During a stable economy the price of platinum can reach nearly twice the price of gold. When times are good, it might be a great opportunity to sell your prized platinum items.

Is your platinum older or even slightly broken? It’s fine. Our team will still be able to give you a fair appraisal and let you walk away with the best price for your silver.

Get instant cash for your platinum thanks to a reasonable estimate.

Not sure if you own platinum, silver, or gold? Our team will help you decipher the item within minutes of you bringing it in.

Sell Silver Bars

Yes, we accept silver bars as well. Get the most amount of cash near you for your silver or platinum and walk away feeling satisfied.

Gold Selling Shop Near Me

Finding a gold selling or buying shop near you isn’t rocket science, you just need to find an appraiser that is honest and fair about price.

Pawnzone is renowned for its fair estimates and providing the best value for its customers. We will properly weight your gold and silver to ensure you get the most cash for things.

When it comes time to buy gold or silver, we have plenty of that here too. Just talk to a member of our team to see our inventory!

Contact Pawnzone to Learn More

Contact a member of our team to learn your best options for buying or selling gold, silver, or platinum. If you live in the Greater Los Angeles area just come on into our shop and speak to a representative in person.


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