Time to Sell Your Watch?

Are you looking to sell your luxury watches quickly? PawnZone is here to help. You can sell used watches no matter the manufacturer or age of your item by speaking with our skilled and knowledgeable team of appraisers.

Our crew has seen a number of luxury items including used Rolexes and Cartier watches and we have become the top team to offer the best cash offer for your goods.

Top Selling Men’s Watches

There are many top selling men’s watches on the market. For example, Swiss watches tend to yield quite a hefty payout. Regardless of your luxury watch type, we’ve got a deal waiting for you.

Don’t bother with the stress and hassle of trying to sell your watch online or taking it into an unreputable pawn dealer. Take it to the proven experts who provide the most fair prices in the business. PawnZone is your one stop shop to sell or buy quality goods.

Buy Used Luxury Watches

PawnZone is without a doubt the best place to buy used luxury watches. Just as we offer great cash payouts for those looking to sell, we also offer great deals for those looking to buy a watch. We have exclusive watches for sale of all types, and you can call our offices to learn specifics.

The Appraisal Process

Getting your luxury items appraised is a breeze. Just use our intuitive online appraisal tool to determine the correct value of your things, bring them in and watch them sell. Our experts are AGL certified so if you bring in a watch with diamonds or similar elements, we can tell right away what kind of value they will command.

Sell Used Tag Heuer Watches

Yes, you can even sell these super high end watches at PawnZone. Tag Heuer is synonymous with style, comfort, and adaptability. From luxury watches to running apps, they have it all.

If you’ve owned your item for a few years, you may be in a position to want to sell it. That’s where PawnZone can step in to help. After a hassle-free appraisal, our team will be able to adequately price your luxury goods and give you a lightning fast cash payout the same day. It’s truly that simple.

Rolex watches don’t currently come in quartz, whereas Tag Heuer watches are available in this high-end material. PawnZone can answer any questions you have about watch materials, styles, and other elements.

Used Designer Watch Dealer You Can Rely On

PawnZone buys and sells a number of second hand items, but don’t let the term “second hand” fool you. Many of these are luxurious and lightly used.

We collect everything from watches to furniture, antiques, electronics and more. If you have any questions about specific items you own that you’d like to sell, or specific items you’re looking to buy, speak with a member of our team today. PawnZone is ready to help you, just contact us and an expert will walk you through the process.


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